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What Are Compression Stockings And How Are They Used In Indiana?

Compression stockings, also known as medical stockings, are used to treat leg problems such as blood or fluid circulation. Compression therapy is painless and simple.

It can help to reduce or eliminate the need to take drugs or undergo surgery for sluggish circulation. Pop over to these guys to buy various clothing options in compression wear.

Circulation problems can often be a sign of a larger disorder or disease, rather than an individual disorder (e.g. Diabetes. Poor circulation can cause severe damage to the extremities, especially the feet, and hands. This is because these parts are farthest away from the heart.

The circulatory system must work hard to transport oxygenated blood from the heart to your feet and return it to the heart for deoxidization. Blood from the feet cannot be returned to the heart via the vessels. This is because blood flowing in this direction is subject to the pull of gravity.

Fluid may also build up in the lymphatic veins of the feet and legs. Fluid is pulled down by gravity and collects there. This is called lymphedema. It can lead to infection in the affected extremity/limb. Lymphedema can cause skin deformity, cancer, and skin ulcers in rare cases.

Medical compression stockings can be used to treat both blood and lymph circulation issues. These conditions can be reversed if they are caught early.

Sometimes, compression stockings are referred to by the term "graduated compression stockings." Because they are made in such a way that compression is maximum at the ankle, this is why they are called "graduated compression stockings". From the ankle up to below the knee, the degree of compression decreases gradually.