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What Is a Lip Lift Surgery and How Can It Help You?

The skin that surrounds the lips gets wrinkled, it causes the upper lip to drop or become extended and overhang the upper row of teeth, making the person appear years older than actually is. But performing a lip lift procedure done can help raise the upper lip back to its natural position, allowing the teeth to appear visible.

The procedure of lifting is a fairly simple and quick procedure that can be performed using local anesthesia. It is a good option to gather more information online about the treatment of upper lip lift surgery in Knutsford, Cheshire, or book consultation to a doctor before doing surgery. The procedure involves a plastic surgeon creating a tiny incision near the tip of your nose. 

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After this procedure is completed there will be a tiny amount of skin is removed from the area. The incision will be sealed with care and precision making the tiniest possible sutures and stitches. This will improve the aesthetics of the lip, making the patient appear several years younger as they did prior to. Additionally, it will result in the patient being able to have a more attractive and appealing smile.

However, the outcomes of a lip lift procedure are not just significantly more natural-looking than the results achieved by fillers, but they're usually permanent too – in contrast to fillers, which usually last between 5 to 8 months, at the most. After the procedure is completed, it's almost impossible to tell the fact that it was done.