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What We Know About Stem Cell Rejuvenation Supplements?

Stem Enhance, is a novel health supplement that could be similar to a Fountain of Youth in capsule form if the product performs according to what its creators think it will. Stem Enhance is made by the Stemtech company. It is claimed to be the first, and the only, proven scientifically-tested and patent-pending stem enhancer.

The ingredients in Stem Enhance are a patented natural 5:1 concentrated extract of an edible aquatic plant known as Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) which, in turn, includes two unique components called Migratose as well as Mobile for maximize healthy cell regeneration.

stem cell rejuvenation supplements

Children and young adults recover quickly from the common physical stresses and inflammation due to the fact that their bodies are filled with stem cells. However, aging takes its toll, and by age of the average adult entering their 40s, the supply of bone stem cells in the marrow has decreased considerably.

The stressors now cause greater and more lasting harm due to the fact that there are fewer, less-quality stem cells entering an area at any given moment. The body's energy levels decrease in the process and the whole of our being, including our brain can be affected.

Stem Enhance with its high AFA content stimulates the flow of bone marrow-derived stem cells into the blood, essentially reversing the clock of aging. Researchers conducted double-blind, placebo-controlled tests to prove this.

Stemtech is a Stemtech company currently selling Stem Enhance via an affiliate marketing program. Therefore, selling Stem Enhance can be a lucrative financial option in addition to the enhancement of vitality and health. Stem Enhance is definitely an item worth checking out.