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Why Foreigners are Taking Up permanent residence in Singapore

According to Singapore's 2005 population statistics, of the total population of 4.3514 million, the non-resident population of about 797 900. An estimated 10 people who worked in Singapore, six are Singapore citizens, one is a permanent resident and the remaining three are foreigners.  You can browse more details about pullman residences in Singapore via

Why Foreigners are Taking Up permanent residence in Singapore

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In 2005, there were almost 9.7% of the population remained in the country. Also, the Singapore Economic Development Board continues to attract the attention of strangers through advantageous features.

An easy way of availing a home loan Singapore:

There are some rules for foreigners or permanent residents who are looking for housing loans but remember it is not difficult to get approval. A foreigner can get up to 70-80% of the leverage of large banks, while in some other countries it is quite high.

Flexible policies for property purchases population:

This country offers a flexible policy to purchase the property of citizens. You can even buy the limited nature of the citizens to get approval from the Singapore Land Authority. Also, getting approval is easy; you have to do is apply along with the necessary documents.

Home loan policy is simplified:

You may not face a complicated problem when applying for Singapore housing loans, because the process of approval, submission of documents, filing applications and other works related simple.