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Why Use Fingerprint Time Clocks?

The use of a fingerprint time clock in your workplace presents many benefits, ranging from office security to time worked accuracy. Biometric time and attendance systems help workplaces prevent buddy punching and collect accurate information, among many other benefits.

Fingerprint time systems ensure that the employee using the clock is the employee who is actually clocking in. Fingerprint time clocks do not allow other employees to clock in for a late or absent employee, or engage in buddy punching, as the system only registers the correct employee's fingerprint.

Time and attendance systems are easy to use and do not require employees to carry a card or anything else other than their own fingerprints. Employees can quickly and instantly punch in and out without having to use a card or badge, which is not only time-consuming but also subject to employees losing their necessary cards or badges.

The use of a biometric time clock ensures accuracy, as no two fingerprints are alike. Employee time is seamlessly transferred to your workplace's time management software, without miscalculation or error. It's easy to spot employees who forgot to clock out and correct such errors.

Using a biometric system takes mere seconds, so it does not waste employees' time or take away from their productivity. Employees don't have to waste time entering their identification number or swiping a card, so congestion at the time clock is reduced at the beginning and end of the day. Employers can easily spot errors and clock patterns of tardiness or absent employees.

Biometric systems operate in all types of environments, including dry or damp conditions, making these systems perfect for office to warehouse settings. Fingerprint technology ensures consistent matching, no matter the environment.

Using fingerprint time clocks in your workplace, whether it's an office or a warehouse environment, is not only easy, but also accurate. With fingerprint time clocks, employees cannot falsely clock in or out for others. These systems are quick and easy to use, and do not require employees to carry badges or cards, nor enter employee identification numbers in order to clock in and out