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3 Reasons To Call A Rodent Control Expert

Rodent control is best performed by a local pest control service. Rodents can damage your home, spread disease and disseminate to neighbouring homes if not stopped quickly. 

photo of a rodent

Here are 3 reasons to call a rodent control expert. 

Damage To Your Home

Rodent infestations start when rodents enter the home through holes and crevices, searching for food, water, warmth, and a place to breed. Traditionally, they find the best places in walls, ceilings, and even under floors. Through building their nests they chew through wiring, flooring, ceiling, walls, furniture, and anything that gets in their way. Over time, this damage becomes very costly. 

Spread Disease

Rodents carry a variety of diseases that they can spread to people. Most of these are transferred via their urine and faecal matter. This is sometimes done in one place, or multiple, but then it is tracked around the house as the rodents move around. Some diseases can be transferred to people through bites, but rodent bites are not overly common.

rodent spreading disease

Turn Into A Plague

Once rodents move into a home, they find a warm, dark place where they can build a nest and start breeding. Rodents can have litters of 8 to 18 young regularly with short gestation periods. This means that over a few months, your home could become residence to tens of litters of rodents, ultimately resulting in a plague. 

a dead rodent

The three main reasons to engage a rodent control expert are to prevent damage, disease and plagues. Engaging them early will increase your chances of success in controlling any rodent infestation issues.