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A Brief Overview about the Basic Types of Fish Food

Before you decide to keep fish as pets, it is important to understand the main types of fish food. This knowledge is very useful for properly caring for your fish. Choosing the right foods also helps keep your fish healthy. To learn more about the basic types, please keep reading this article.

In general, fish feed is divided into three categories. You can choose best food for marine fish at .The first is live food, such as fresh insect larvae, live worms, larvae, and feed. These are healthy foods for your fish, but you will have to spend more money to get them.

Then the second type is lyophilized food. It has less water and bacteria. Compared to live food, lyophilized food is more economical. It also offers the same ability to condition fish as live food is offered.

The third type is a nutritional formula. You can find nutritional formulas in various types, such as flakes, pellets and liquid fish feed. Scaly food is the most common type of fish food, usually available in small containers with removable lids.

The next type of food formula is pellet feed. These share the same nutrients as flakes but are available in pellets to attract certain types of fish. When choosing pellets, make sure you choose the right pellets as some pellets can be difficult to digest for some fish species

The last type of food formula is liquid food. Although this breed is not common, it offers more organic food. Most liquid foods come with different types of zooplankton, phytoplankton, and other protein-based ingredients, but basically have the same foods as flakes and pellets.

By choosing a narrow and suitable breed, you can easily maintain the health of your fish. So don't make the wrong choice.