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Causes Of Ankle Pain In Edmonton

More gradual onsets of ankle pain can be caused by other means and can be directly or indirectly related to ankle sprains.

  1. Chronic ankle instability from a previous sprain(s) can cause either medial or lateral ankle pain which can be as much as a small ‘niggle’ to a more constant dull throbbing and the feelings of ‘unsteadiness’ with walking or running. These are often hard to treat but the pain will persist if not attended to. But it would be best to get help from the expert foot and ankle pain physiotherapy in Edmonton to cure it as soon as possible.

  1. Tendon-related foot and ankle pain can be tricky to diagnose as well as treat.

Several tendons can be found around the ankle joint including the Achilles, peroneal, and tibialis anterior and posterior.

  • The muscles of these tendons are all responsible for control and stability of the ankle joint, which can acutely cause pain if instability, weakness, or instances of overload through exercise are present.

  • This can result in a swollen and stiff ankle with particular directions of movement more painful than others depending on the area affected.

  • Morning pain and stiffness usually accompany any tendon-related pain, as well as discomfort with or after prolonged exercise or mobility.

  1. Osteoarthritis (OA) is a common cause of ankle pain in older populations due to wear and tear of the joint, which can make most weight-bearing activities (i.e. walking) uncomfortable. Morning pain and stiffness are again accompanied in arthritic instances of ankle-related pain which may or may not ease once “warmed up”.