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Considerations for Selecting an Aircraft Paint Booth

It is not a simple task to design a paint booth for an airplane. Aircraft paint booths must be designed to accommodate the unique shape and sheer size of aircraft in order to reduce the painter’s exposure to the hazards of the process, lower energy costs improve paint finish quality and increase production.

The single biggest factor in accomplishing this is providing airflow where it is needed most – at the surface of the aircraft. You can get information about the best aircraft paint booth via

Here are the considerations when choosing between crossdraft and downdraft paint booth air flow to air:

1. Control overspray

Controlling overspray in the painting process is not only important for the final quality of your products but also plays a major role in ensuring the safety of the painter and the efficiency of the process.

2. Ease of Changing Filters

Changing the air filter in the paint booth can be time consuming and expensive, with most of the best stand in need of a three-stage filtration NESHAP-compliant exhaust.

3. Paint Finish Quality

Without question, the paint booths offer a more effective environment for air painting, so a paint job that is better than the open paint hangar.

4. Intensity & Placement Lighting

Lighting is an important element in achieving the best finish. The lights should be strategically placed throughout the booth of paint to illuminate every part of the plane, minimizing shadows and glare.