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How To Fix Garmin Maps Report Errors?

Sometimes, Garmin Maps becomes faulty or faces some kind of bugs where you face these following errors:

  1. Sometimes, your GPS Device is missing a particular location.
  2. GPS Device shows the incorrect or inaccurate location
  3. Your Device is not able to navigate your specific location
  4. Your Device recommends you to take bad routes or closed exits.

So, the main reason behind these errors is mainly the software issue. To solve these issues, follow the instructions mentioned below:

  1. First, update your Garmin Maps to the latest version. By this, you’ll have the latest version of its navigation software and map data with improved locations and enhanced features. You can easily get free Garmin Maps updates by visiting the Garmin site.
  2. Sometimes, while updating maps, your internet connection may get interrupted and causes disturbance while downloading updates. This is where these errors start to appear as updates are not downloaded properly. So, don’t prefer using Mobile broadband such as a 4G/LTE MiFi, Air Card, or cell phone tethering, etc. Use high-speed internet while performing these kinds of tasks.
  3. Another reason is Storage. Before downloading the updates, make sure you have at least 20 gigabytes of free space otherwise updates will not be downloaded properly.

So, if these instructions don’t work for you then, you can get in touch with Garmin Support.