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Know More Abour AI Landscape

If Data is the original oil, then Automation and AI is the new manufacturing revolution. Be it your Analytics code & Big Data, design or complex AI models, a lot of industrialization, orchestration, and optimization are needed for your particular requirements.

However, this can be an issue due to various challenges and expertise issues.  To know about landscape visit

Conventional methods require data analysts and developers to spend a lot of time and manual effort on creating landscape architecture. Reducing the costs associated with automation engines allows companies to utilize their resources without prohibitive costs.

Using technology solutions to improve big data analytics platform efficiency and automating code generation is the proven way to reduce those costs.

Code review and automation

As Big Data and AI technology continue to mature, organizations face issues of the instability of their big data analytics and AI systems. The instability is due to a lack of code quality and a lot of processes that are done manually. This can be improved by reviewing the existing code and improving it by following the best practices.

All this done manually is fine, but given the volume of code and need for faster agile development, organizations should lookout for a point and click tool for reviewing their code and getting the instant reports to fix them as soon as possible.

Apart from coding practices, lack of proper training and deficiencies of algorithms make the AI models unusable or inaccurate. Accuracy and predictability of Models can be improved with deep learning and in-depth understanding.