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Organic Farming and its Principles


In today’s time, organic foods are known to be high in demand for a lot of good reasons. This is because, farmers are known to offer more preference to organic farming compared to other forms of methods. Organic farming depends on 4 important principles and here’s how.

  • Principle of Fairness – The keyword here is ‘Fairness’ which related to the terms of being unbiased and equal to loving species and humans. Due to organic farming, the number of poverty has gone down significantly offering better quality of life. This principle makes sure that natural resources are used in the best possible manner; properly and effectively.
  • Principle of Care –When it comes to principle of care, it is all about safe practice to keep the environment in the safest possible condition. Organic farming does not depend on chemicals while other farming techniques do. This chemical is known to be harmful to the soil used by other farming techniques. While organic farming has been depending on natural fertilizers such as composts and manure that keeps the soil in good shape keeping the environment in the best shape possible.
  • Principle of Health – Soil, humans, plants and environments condition needs to be kept in the best possible condition. This allows the life cycle to remain undisturbed.
  • Principle of Ecological Balance – Ecological system remains balanced and maintained due to organic farming technique. This allows the cycles to remain naturally.

These are the 4 main principles of organic farming. To buy the best organic foods, you can get them from some of the best organic stores in Brisbane and other parts of Australia.