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Riviera Maya- Enjoy A Sailing Charter With Plenty Of Culture And Tradition

Riviera Maya is a beautiful tourist place situated on the Caribbean coastline and has roughly 4,000,000 inhabitants. This beachside region is surrounded by Playa Del Carmen and Cancun from the northwest region. You can contact private yacht rental firms to book a private yacht charter in Riviera Maya.


Riviera Maya is very full of culture and tradition. Its history is quite colorful and lively, but full of conflict and wars. It was handled by numerous empires. In early times, especially in 1800 BC, most areas of the country were occupied.

After two centuries (6th century BCE), the Riviera Maya became part of the Persian Empire. However, the Persians didn't survive long. Shortly thereafter, it was invaded by Rome in 395 AD and administered as a province. 

Boating cruises in the Riviera Maya means sailing across the numerous gulfs and creeks of the much-motivated coast. It is also a journey through time, with its plethora of archaeological sites, temples, and palaces, showing its importance in medieval and ancient times.

One of the most renowned tourist activities is sailing with its serene, relaxing and magnificent seawater. Specifically, most tourists sail across the Mediterranean and Aegean shores. Apart from sailing, the Riviera Maya also can provide its historical and archaeological sites. You are able to locate a handful of the country's ancient structures.