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What is the best time to Visit India?


India is one of the best destinations considered by a lot of tourists. Tons of people keep coming to visit this country from all over the world. However, you need to consider the right time before planning for your trip. If it’s your first time, then read some of this helpful information that will make your trip worthwhile.

  1. Winter – if you don’t like hot climate, then winter is the best time to visit India. This weather is pleasant for tourists who belong to colder countries. If possible, try heading to the north side to experience snowfall in certain parts.
  2. Summer – If you can handle the heat of India, then summer is also a great season to travel. You are bound to experience hot climate in the region of 40 C to 50 C degrees. However, if you wish to experience a cooler climate, then head over to hill station towns and cities. Additionally, this is the time where you will be finding tons of crowd.
  3. Monsoon – If you love rains, then monsoon in India is pretty awesome. You are bound to see dark clouds and continuous pouring of the rain along with lightning and thunder. Make sure not to visit the northern side of India as many places face flood-related issues. You should consider visiting the Konkan coastal region to experience lush greenery such as Goa and other places.

Make sure you think carefully before your arrival to India. Moreover, make sure you get the best package for India tour as the prices keep changing depending on the season.