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Buy Komatsu Replacement Seal Kits

Komatsu has all the elements needed for almost all hydraulic seal and hydraulic cylinder seal applications. The products include high quality hydraulic seals. These include wiper, stem seals, O-rings, replacement rings, U-seals, piston seals, wear rings, buffer seals, seals, circlips, cushion seals, customized seals, pneumatic seals and cylinder seals for second purchase for the energy industry.

With a large online range of high performance komatsu seal packs in thousands of sizes. Whether small or large diameter, low or high pressure, stroke or rotary motion, dynamic or static seal, the right product is available for your application.

Komatsu provides sealing solutions to meet the needs of every customer in a wide range of industries including: Heavy Industry, Mining, Manufacturing, High Tech, Medical, Military, Precious Metals, Raw Material Extraction, Processing Equipment and many more.  

With our knowledge of materials, technological capabilities and application experience, komatsu is able to offer its customers individual solutions and complete sealing systems of the highest quality.

Komatsu guarantees you a reliable and informed contact every time you call. They give you the advantage of competitive pricing and fast order processing for every possible application.

It specializes in sealing solutions developed specifically for many industries. Our innovative machining technology and our experienced engineering team enable us to manufacture an unlimited number of sealing profiles up to 38 inches in diameter.