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New Glass Tile Trends For Your Home

Nothing completely changes the look and feel of a room like tiles. And now some new tile trends can quickly and easily give your home a beautiful modern look. Read on to learn about the some latest tile trends.

Glass Tile

Although it is not a new innovation, still glass tiles have gained a facelift in recent years, with many new designs, sizes, and styles now available. You can get good-quality glass subway tile at

Glass tiles are great for homes with children because they are very durable. In addition, glass tile does not absorb moisture and will not be stained. Glass tiles are easy to clean and easy to install – perfect for anyone looking for their new DIY floor.

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Some of the many new styles of glass tile currently on the market include jelly bean glasses – a fun and friendly addition to any room that looks like its name – jelly beans !; spherical glass tiles; wide matchstick tile design; 5 inches; and curved glass options.

Glass and Stone Tiles

Last but not least, glass and stone mosaic tiles are a very trendy way to combine the look of modern glass with elegant style and stone coloring. You can find many different combinations of the two, in a beautiful design that is guaranteed to make more than any room.

Best of all, the design of glass and stone tiles gives you the look of expensive marble or granite floors – at no cost. In addition, you can mix and match glass and stone mixes to compliment almost any room or color scheme.