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How Do Velux Blinds Work?

Velux windows are specially designed for roofs and extensions. There are blinds also which are designed for these windows and offer a wide variety of options for all types of living spaces and needs. A carefully selected blind can create an area of stunning and attractive life. 

Velux blinds can produce natural lighting effects that enhance the decor of the room, change the mood or completely block light.

Velux has recently updated their products giving a new range of blinds. Duo Velux's blackout blind is a blind combination with a wow factor. These blinds give you total control of light entering your room. With two different colors, it can change the look of your room, and the lighting effect. 

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The fault can block all or part of the light, while the semi-opaque pleated shade diffuses the rest. The new flight pleated is different from the old pleated because it can open both from top and bottom, offering versatility in how the appearance and quantity of light come in. 

The two types of remote-controlled blinds.

  1. Electric remote controlled blinds

Remote controlled electric blinds only work with the Velux roof window, these blinds must be connected to the existing control panel system to work. 

  1. The solar remote-controlled blinds

These remote-controlled blinds do not depend on Velux electric windows, they will work with the Velux roof window. 

You can control the amount of light from the sun with Velux blinds and enhance the decor of your place.