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Tips to Buy Pearl Jewelry And Make Sure You’re Getting the Real Thing

Purchasing pearl earrings and other jewelry should be fun, right? As professional jewelry, people sometimes ask us about cultured pearls. Are they real pearls? You bet! Pearls made by two types of mollusks: oysters make pearls brine, and shells made of freshwater pearls.

For pearl culture, technicians perform complicated operations to insert a core bead or tissue. Pearls are often rated on a scale of "triple-A", but there are no universal grading standards. So, it is a good idea to know what kind and show quality. If you are looking for Tahitian pearl bangle then you are at the right place.

As it happens you do not have 4 C such as diamonds, but the 7 main value factors to look for when choosing pearl jewelry: color, size, surface, matching, shape, nacre thickness, and luster. Remember, you have to make a close study of pearls in people. Be sure to pay attention to small details.

How to Choose a pearl earrings

When shopping for earrings, make sure the pearls match closely. You want to see the size, shape, and color. It is a little different than when buying a bracelet or necklace, where you roll the strand along a smooth table to see pearls. If possible check out the pearl under the natural light.

It will reveal the true colors without a blue or yellow cast. No two pearls are exactly the same, so do not worry about it too much. Also, keep in mind that the points and sores are sometimes seen in the natural pearls.