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Using Only The Correct Charger For The Required Phone

You need a charger that can provide as much power as your phone can handle to ensure the fastest possible battery charge. The charger that came with your phone will usually work.

Fast charging is a technology that many manufacturers use in their own ways. The standards don't usually cross between brands.

Fast charging is just like normal charging. You need to have both the charger as well as the phone supporting it. To purchase a good quality iphone charger, navigate to

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Wireless charging is slightly different. You'll again see the charging speed in watts. However, wireless chargers charge slower than wired ones. The Qi wireless charging standard has been adopted by almost everyone, so your phone can be used on any model.

Which Charger is Best?

You can use any charger as long as the cable or wireless standard is correct. Modern handsets regulate the power draw to protect the battery. This means that you won't risk damaging your phone with a charger too powerful.

However, don't use cheap chargers or old chargers. They may not adhere to the same safety standards. While we don't think all chargers are dangerous, it is worth investing in a higher-quality charger made by a trusted manufacturer or accessory maker.

While almost any charger can be used with any phone, it is unlikely that you will get the fastest charging speed or highest charging rate if the kit is not made by the same company.

This is especially true for fast charging. Phone makers have their own standards and methods. To get the best fast charging rates, you will need to use the charger made specifically for your phone. You can use other chargers if necessary, but only the official one when possible.