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Bed Bugs Information – Eradication

Bed bugs are small parasitic; with a flat, egg-shaped body. They live in the crevices, Infest mattress; but are found in most places like the folds of curtains, toys, etc. They create a distraction not only for humans but for pets also by sucking their blood.

From the description, we can conclude that the parasite is actually evil and must be controlled. We are happy to help if you have an infestation of bed mites. If you have the bed bug problem and you are looking for the treatment of bed bug bites then you can check out various online resources.

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Also known as bed mites, red coats or red rambler, they are creatures that are mostly active at night. Bed bugs microscopic images showed that they have little hair on their backs resulting in itching.

Because of this, they cause various skin diseases such as rashes, itching, allergic rashes, etc., if not treated properly can cause skin infections. The red rambler is very different from chiggers. Chiggers are generally familiar to those who have exposure outside of the camp or hike.

Technically, they do not bite; they just attach themselves to human skin and feed on human skin cells. This compares with a parasite infestation in a way because both are wingless insects that pierce the skin and feed on the blood of animals and humans.