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Hammertoes: A discussion of the Symptoms and Treatment

Hammertoes are a severely crooked or crossed toe that crosses over or under the toes of those next to it. Although this is true in the most severe sense, hammertoes may also include a variety of toe position abnormalities.

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Hammer Toe Surgery: Procedure, Recovery, and More

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These may not be obvious from above but can still cause symptoms. Many people feel pain at the top of their feet when they wear shoes and think their shoes are too tight. Although it is true that the shoe may be too tight, this is only one part of the story. 

The toes tend to contract upwards to cause pain. This is common and usually caused by hammertoes. Hammertoes and related toe contractions can be caused by abnormal forces on the muscles controlling the position of the feet. 

People with flat feet and high arches will notice a shift in the position of their toes as a result of abnormal arch positions. 

The treatment can be as simple as padding the toe to protect it from the shoe or other shoes, and regular trimming of the corns. There are many types of padding, but elastic sleeves with gel undersides seem to be the best. 

These pads can be worn over the toes as a sock, or sleeve to protect and cushion the skin. You can trim the corn at home using an emery board or pumice rock. To avoid serious injury to the skin, if the corn is too thick to be cut with a knife, a podiatrist should do the job.