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What Is The Best Places to Experience a Gorilla Safari?

East Africa offers the best gorilla tracking safaris in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Western lowland gorillas can be found in Congo, while mountain gorillas can be seen in Uganda and Rwanda.

If you want to know where to see gorillas in Africa then the answer is Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Gorilla trekking  is one of the most incredible wildlife experiences . There are only about 790 gorillas left in Africa, which is an infinite number.While some travelers might be a little surprised at the cost of tracking gorillas which ranges from $600.00 to $750.00 per permit,but money is worth it as it will be the best experience of your life.

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It is recommend going twice because the first time you can hardly believe what you are seeing and most people try desperately to capture the camera and video experience for an hour with the end result being that the person is sorely missed.That's why for the second time, you can just stop and relax and watch your amazing group.

There are about five or six groups (depending on where you see your gorilla) and the journey starts all over again. You always start walking through African villages, which is inspiring – the nature is so beautiful and the kids will walk with you, practice their English or just have fun with other companies.

Then, in Uganda's case, traverse through primary forest until you find your group.The hike can take anywhere from about an hour to around four or five hours – depending on the group you have and where you are.