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What Separates Great IT Consulting Companies From Bad Ones?

Interviews with IT consultants are a common occurrence for companies. Number one, every IT consultant will tell you that their solutions are the best. Number two, all IT consultants will tell you that the upfront cost is well worth the long-term benefits. Number three is that almost all IT consultants will appear to know their stuff, making it difficult to prove otherwise. 

When every IT consultant you interview starts to look like a God-given gift to the Information Technology consulting companies, how can you tell if they are actually able to walk their talk and not just talk?

Three criteria are used to distinguish great IT consulting firms from those that deliver poor results, according to IT experts who have experienced the best and worst of the IT industry.


To determine the exact solutions that you need, consultants must first conduct a needs assessment. Among other areas, needs assessments to focus on: human resources, competition, market share, positioning, customer feedback, management feedback and staffing, employee turnover, mission, goals, and objectives, as well as human resources.

Probe Questions

Every company is different and has different goals and objectives. An IT consultant must ask lots of questions to ensure that every aspect of the needs assessment is covered. 

A consultant who is honest will not know what solutions you have to offer, just as your company does not know what to expect when it begins an IT consulting process. 

This is why it's important to hire an IT consultant. A consultant selling off-the-shelf solutions often works for a company with a business relationship. This means that the consultant is more like a salesperson than an IT consultant.